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There are a few things you need to know in order to prepare you for your tattoo appointment, speed up the process and limit the level of pain you on the day.


- Get a good night sleep the night before your tattoo.

- Have a good breakfast/lunch a few hour prior to your appointment.

- Drink plenty of water and bring in some sugar (e.g lollies or chocolate) on the day.

- Wear comfortable clothes (especially something which is accessible to the area you are getting tattooed), headphones, phone charger and anything that will make you feel more comfortable ( if you have a favorite blanket or pillow, you can bring them)

- Shave the area you are getting tattooed in the morning of your appointment.


- DO NOT take drugs or alcohol within 24 hours of your tattoo (ESPECIALLY on the day, It will not help.)

  • DO NOT drink too much caffeine (drinking energy drinks before or during your tattoo will make you bleed like crazy which will only complicate the tattoo process!)

- DO NOT come to your tattoo appointment if you are getting sick or if you already are sick.

- DO NOT come in if you are sunburnt.

- DO NOT bring a large group to get tattooed. The shop is a quite environment and it's energy is dedicated to whom is getting and executing the tattoo.

- DO NOT come in without eating before your tattoo.

- DO NOT book a certain day if you know you will have to be somewhere important soon after your booking. Tattoos take time and precision, and we cannot rush the process.


After your session, your fresh tattoo will be wrapped in cling wrap to protect it until you get home. PLEASE carefully follow the instructions below to achieve the best possible healing for your tattoo.

FIRST WASH: Leave the cling wrap on for at least an hour and no more than 4 hours. Once you remove the plastic from your tattoo, jump in the shower and give your tattoo a good massage with UNSCENTED soap (preferably antibacterial, do not use bar soap as it is much more prone to cross-contamination).

It is very important to wash away any excess ointment, dried blood and lymphatic fluid. For the last minute of you wash, hold your tattoo under cold water for one minute to close the pores of your skin. Pat dry with paper towel. Do not cream until day 3. You may wrap your tattoo for the first 2 nights while you sleep to avoid sticking to the sheets while you sleep..

EVERY WASH: Using warm (not hot) water and your anti-bacterial soap, massage your tattoo and wash away any excess ointment, dried blood and lymphatic fluid. For the last minute of your wash, hold your tattoo under cold water for one minute to close the pores of your skin. Pat dry with paper towel.

There are many brands of aftercare cream that different studios recommend using. We recommends either Hustle Butter (we sell it here!) or organic coconut oil (which can be purchased at your local shop or health food store).

After washing your hands thoroughly and drying with paper towel, evenly apply a THIN layer of aftercare cream to your tattoo, so your tattoo is a little shiny, not overly wet. It is important not to apply an excessive amount of cream.

For the next 2 weeks, wash your tattoo 3 times a day and apply aftercare cream.



- Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo. KEEP IT CLEAN!

- Wash your tattoo 3 times a day.

- Wear clean loose clothes (preferably cotton) and have fresh bedding while your tattoo is healing.

- Slap your tattoo gently when it reaches the itchy stage.

- Let your skin flake off naturally.

- Use sunscreen on your tattoo once it has finished healing when exposing to direct sunlight

- Use moisturizer several times a week to prolong the quality of your tattoo (Hustle butter and coconut oil are great)

- Ask US if you have any questions about the healing process.


- DO NOT touch your tattoo without washing your hands.

- DO NOT let anybody else touch your fresh tattoo.

- DO NOT pick or scratch your tattoo.

- DO NOT wear tight clothing which will rub against your tattoo for two weeks.

- DO NOT expose your fresh tattoo to direct sunlight for two weeks.

- DO NOT soak your fresh tattoo in the bath, pool or any body of water.

Do you have any other questions or curiosity about tattoo before and aftercare?

You can either come see us at 179 Caledonian Road or get in touch by writing us at or give us a call to 02036599419

Wish you a good aftercare!

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